The Zen Portfolio

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I used to wonder why I really picked up photography. The technical power of photography that allows us to capture the beauty in-front of us and present it in a much more aesthetic way was definitely one of the initial motivations. But with time, photographs started to represent something more to me. Photographs convey a state of time, a state of life, where the entities captured are just how they are, performing their own functions, contributing to the overall flow of the world. Sometimes they reflect to us, our own life situation and state, with the delicate mixture of reality and creativity and in other times, they portray the world the way it is, honestly, showing us, beauty and art are inherent in this world and are available for those who seek.

In this evolving portfolio, I would like to explore those intimate qualities of Nature, that remind us of our true nature.

We have created an amazingly competitive world. If we go into the “why” we have created the world what we have now, apart from the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, everything boils down to our interpretation of what gives us happiness. Happiness (either direct or indirect) is the root reason for many or all the things we do in life. I am not completely convinced that the institutions we have created bring us happiness (let alone permanent happiness). They have made life a rat’s race, race for something better always, that is both realistically and syntactically unattainable. Once we get tired of the race or when we need a break, we “recharge our batteries” and for many that is when we connect with Nature.

There is a reason to why things exist in Nature. Sometimes they are apparent, and sometimes they are not. However, as long as they perform their function, as long as they contribute to the universal order, things are at peace. There are no winners, and there are no losers in this game. Things are just the way they are. I feel Nature reminds us of that. That is the reason why we are peaceful when we are with Nature. It inspires us to create a world (within and outside us) where there is acceptance of the existence of darkness with light, where life follows death and death follows life, where there is harmony in chaos when sought for. A world that encourages individuality more than conformance, and a world where there is no first prize to win, a world where we realize the sum of all the parts doesn’t equal to the whole.

I encourage you to look at this portfolio with these thoughts and I hope it gives you the same pleasure as it did to me while making it.


  • Sapna Reddy

    Enjoyed reading your philosophy for life and photography. The calm demeanor of your images portrays the depth of introspection that goes into the creation of each of your images. Kudos for a job extremely well done. :)

    • rkarthick

      Thank you Sapna :)

  • Soumya Jk

    Beautiful write up! The depth of what you feel flows through the pictures.. :)

    • rkarthick

      Thank you Soumi :)