Sunset at Vernazza


I was in the flight reading Rick Steve’s book on Italy during my recent trip to Rome for a conference. I was kicking myself for doing the last minute research on where I should be going. Even though I had booked two nights at Venice, I was not sure of going there for a variety of reasons, the biggest one being Venice is going to be more touristy. Rick Steve’s had mentioned about Cinque Terre in his book and gave it the same rating as that of Venice. I got curious and when I had the internet connection, I checked out the place and pictures. When I saw Vernazza’s pictures, I know this is where I wanted to be during my break.

Vernazza in Liguria region, Italy has one of the best landscapes among the five lands of Cinque Terre. It has a natural harbor and a castle constructed to attack the pirates who visit this coast often. Ironically the castle has become an attraction for people now. This place also boasts of a very old church constructed in 14th century. Along with the views, Cinque Terre is also the birth place of one of my favorite pasta sauce, pesto :) .

The current view as you can see is best experienced during the sunset. It can be seen when you hike to Montoresso. Make sure you start hiking atleast at 05:30 during summer, so that you can be there for the sunset. Don’t forget your ND filters and if you don’t have any, brush up your hdr skills ;) .

This shot was taken with 0.9 ND filter hand-held (stupid me for losing the ND filter) with a CPL mounted on my lens. Then f/13, ISO 100 with 4 sec exposure. I did do some post processing using PS and lens correction using lightroom.