About Me

“I was standing at the edge of the cliff watching it unfold. The breeze was swaying the clouds across the snow field, with sun through those clouds providing the subtle lighting to the scene. My search for words to convey how I felt that time was almost futile. Peace, bliss, nothingness all crossed my mind. They were all limiting in articulating my experience. Hence I decided to make a picture out of it. A picture that conveyed  how I felt at that moment. A picture that hopefully will serve as a window to my experience and also a mirror to how you feel about it.”

I am a landscape photographer based in London, Ontario, Canada. I have always been fascinated by Art. It has the ability to transcend one to a different universe, the universe of no rules and endless beauty. Photography according to me provides a unique creative opportunity to make art.

The reason I picked up photography initially  was the ease at which once could create pictures (thanks to digital photography), the technical challenge it offers and the thrill that arises out of it. However, with time, my interest turned into a passion, when the artistic challenge of expressing oneself through the pictures became clearer. It is one of the few things in my life, where I feel I
can uniquely reflect my thoughts.

I am interested in both vistas as well as the intimate side of landscapes. I enjoy traveling and have been really lucky to have
traveled to places that have greatly inspired me.

I owe much of my thoughts to my mentor, Guy Tal. Conversations with him and his writing has greately inspired me and has been instrumental in shaping my work.

Many ask me about my gear, which I feel is not very important at the end of the day. I use  Canon T1i with 17-40 lens. I am also a fan of 70-200 f/4 lens and plan to own it someday.

For my general thoughts and my philosophy of  photography, please check out the blog section.